diet goals mindset Jan 17, 2022

So you want to finally knuckle down and get a gnarly set of abs?

Hey, it’s 2022 and this is YOUR year to finally do it! Or maybe you’ve fallen off track the past two years and want to get back into epic shape, and you want to do it quickly. 

There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are some boxes you need to tick off in order to stick to it and be successful.

First and foremost, you have to get your mind set on the task. Out of every gym goal you could have, changing your physique is the hardest of them all.

Want to get stronger? That’s relatively easy. Good strength program, progressive resistance, don’t miss sessions, get lots of rest.

Want to run further and faster? Also relatively easy. Good running program, add some strength training, don’t miss sessions, get lots of rest.

Want to change your physique? Want to get really lean and have epic abs? Hold up, not so easy.

Here’s the facts, Jack. If you just want to lose a little weight the process is fairly simple and straightforward. Eat a little less than what you expend, lift weights a few days a week, get sufficient steps a day, and maybe add a little cardio. It’s a stupidly simple process.

Have loftier goals and want to build an incredible physique? You’re going to have to hammer your training with high intensity. You’re going to need to hit all of your sessions. You’re going to need to be diligent with your nutrition. You’re going to need to make sure to get enough rest. You’re going to have to understand that there’s going to be some sacrifices, especially if you want to do this quickly.  


Look, let’s be brutally honest, no one has ever built an epic rig by accident.

The people who have the best results are the people who have the discipline to say “no” when they’re faced with a situation that’s counter-productive to their goals.

The people who have the best results are the people who have a high level of accountability.

The people who have the best results are the people who don’t make excuses, they just get the job done.

If you’re not ready for that, that’s okay! Just don’t be upset when your results aren’t as fast as people that have discipline and can stick to the plan. It’s normal to get derailed during this process. It’s HARD! Trust me, I’m an expert in self-sabotage. But, when I get my mind set on achieving a goal I’m relentless in my pursuit of that goal.


This is why it’s important to get your head sorted and your mind laser focused on the task at hand, BEFORE you decide to get this journey started.

The people you see in awesome transformation pics are the people that have the right mindset from the start. They write down their goals and they constantly review them. They are proactive instead of reactive. They plan, and track, and have forward strategies so that they don’t get derailed. If they do get derailed they minimise the damage and they get back on the horse as fast as possible. Proper planning is crucial.

Poor planning produces poor performance. Have a plan, constantly review the plan and, most of all, stick to the plan.


I’m not saying that you need a ton of discipline to lose weight. Losing a few pounds is a massively different process than getting to above average leanness, especially if you want to get lean quickly.

I’m also not saying you have to suffer massively, but it will take a bit of discomfort because you’ll find yourself saying “no” a lot, despite really wanting to say “yes.” You’ll find yourself being ostracised by people who don’t have the same discipline or willpower that you do. Your friends and family will try to derail you. You have to be prepared for this from the start, because it WILL happen. Get ready to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Steel your mind and remind yourself that this is temporary and will pass quickly if you stick to the plan.


Get ready to be hungry often. Hunger is a natural part of dieting, and, the leaner you get, the hungrier you’ll be. You have to learn how to ignore this. You also have to differentiate between boredom hunger and actual hunger, and also between being hungry enough for your plan versus absolutely starving. Absolutely starving isn’t the goal and will absolutely derail you, but understand that you will be in a kinda-sorta-quasi-starving state in order to stimulate your body to tap into body fat. As long as you have a good plan you’re going to be fine, but again, planning is important. You don’t want to get hungry, look at the clock and see that it’s 5PM, and realise that you’ve blown through your calories for the day.


Write your goals down and look at them every morning. If you feel your willpower wavering, review your goals and remind yourself why you’re doing this, and remember, this is temporary! The hardest part is getting there. As long as you have a good exit strategy and you understand that this is an adoption of a new lifestyle, maintenance is relatively easy!


(Hint: get a good coach to help you, preferably a Muscle Nerds approved coach at that!)

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