Learn everything you need to know to write a personalised, periodised Nutrition Plan for long-term, sustained results.



I know it…

You know it…

And your client THINKS they know it.

But what they think is:

➟  Carbs make them fat;

➟  Fat makes them fat; and

➟  Protein makes them bulky

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It leaves Celery Juicing, Skinny Me Teas, Apple Cider Vinegar shots, and not eating past 6pm.

Therefore, there are some really important reasons why Personal Trainers and Coaches need to understand the foundations of nutrition.

The main reason being; your clients are going to come to you doing stupid shit.

    ➟  They’ll come to you doing a diet that Karen from accounts told them about.

    ➟  They’ll come to you with beliefs that stem from a misconstrued fact they first started to believe 10 years ago.

    ➟  They’ll come to you with hopes that there is a magic diet, trick, or pill that DOESN’T include a caloric deficit.

    ➟  And they’ll come to you saying they’ll do anything to reach their goal, but in reality they don’t want to give up their mid-morning cake or their late night wine.



While the majority of your clients understand that nutrition plays a large role in their health and their success in the gym, most won’t hire nutritionists.  But they will turn to google, they will turn to Karen from accounts, and they will turn to you.

So even if you can’t, or won’t, write detailed nutrition plans, you at the very least need to know enough to steer them in the right direction so they do not f**k themselves up.


✓  How psychology effects nutrition

✓  Forms of harm

✓  Evidence-based vs. evidence-informed

✓  Psychology of Nutrition

✓  Scope of Practice

✓  Culture, Religion, and belief systems

✓  Types of emotional attachments

✓  Nature vs nurture

✓  The 4 levels of competence

✓  Perception

✓  Hedonism vs Eudaimonism

✓  Identity Pyramid (how to create long lasting change)

✓  Effects of chronic stress on physiology

✓  General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)

✓  Stress & lifestyle

✓  The autonomic nervous system

✓  Sympathetic system effects

✓  How the brain perceives fear and threats

✓  Stress & your gut

✓  The hypothalamic response

✓  Chronic Dysfunctional Nutrition

✓  Chronic dieting

✓  Chronic overfeeding

✓  Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome (REDS)

✓  Cumulative Energy Deficit and Endocrine Dysfunction

✓  Caloric ranges & equations for REDS

✓  Defining calories

✓  How important are calories?

✓  History of calories

✓  Calculating caloric needs

✓  How to perform the Navy Body Fat Test

✓  Katch-McCardle Equation

✓  Calorie Deficit

✓  Calorie surplus

  Protein in the body

✓  Training influence on protein turnover

✓  Amino Acids

✓  Purposes of protein breakdown

✓  Amino Acid Pool

✓  Transamination & synthesizing of other materials

✓  Protein oxidation & energy creation

✓  Protein Requirements for exercise

✓  Protein timing

✓  Mixed macro meals

✓  Stimulation of Muscle Protein Synthesis

✓  Protein types

✓  Why carbohydrates are important

✓  Carbohydrate storage

 ✓  Turning food into energy

✓  Overfeeding & diets

✓  Insulin resistance and body fat percentages

✓  High carb vs. low carb diets

✓  Metabolic Flexibility

✓  Carbohydrates and Satiation

✓  Carbohydrates during training

✓  Carbohydrate in relation to Physique vs. Performance

✓  Required Nutrients for Carbohydrate Metabolism

✓  Fructose

✓  Estimating glycogen stores

✓  Carbohydrate intake recommendations

✓  Mathematics of carbohydrate weight gain

✓  Regulation of substrate use

✓  Lipolysis

✓  Stimulation of Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL)

✓  Factors that may limit fat oxidation

✓  Key points to consider when designing a plan

✓  Order of designing a plan

✓  Muscle Nerds Carb Continuum

✓  Dealing with plateaus

The Muscle Nerds Foundational Nutrition Course will arm you with the tools you need to look after not only your clients’ physical training, but their nutritional recommendations as well.


This course is designed to increase the foundational nutrition knowledge for personal trainers and coaches. It has been written with personal trainers as our audience, however, this course is not so complex that it is out of reach for the general population.  If you have a keen interest in nutrition for self-application, we highly recommend registering.

The course lays out nutritional theory, and supports it with enough applicable information and clear step by steps that it can be used immediately.



“I have always had a passion for fitness and an active lifestyle and over the last 2 years, I’ve taken a lot of nutrition/ fitness related courses. What sets this course apart has a lot to do with the way Muscle Nerds presents the material. Don’t kid yourself, complex nutritional science topics are covered but Muscle Nerds delivers them in a clear, concise, no bs way  that is actually kind of fun (not your typical nutritional science textbook!). They zoom in on what is key for fitness professionals to know and trim off the excess stuff.

Muscle Nerds’s overall approach to nutrition coaching is one that’s grounded in sustainability and based on a lot of evidence (whether scientifically or from years of experience). It’s a refreshing move away from the extreme, quick fix approaches that we know work for a short time and then stop working, leaving you and your clients frustrated and feeling like a failure. You can trust that what you learn in this course are the tools you need to get your clients to a sustainable place, not only psychically but also mentally.

In the last part of the course, you’re given a system to follow that allows you to put all of that nutritional science stuff into action in real life in a meaningful consistent kind of way in your business. So it’s not just about having the background knowledge, but it’s also about giving you the tools and system you can use to put all of that knowledge into action in your business. I would 100% recommend this course to any trainer/nutritionist who wants to upgrade their knowledge about nutrition and learn how to make massive progress with their clients.”

– Demi Duivenvoorden

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“The muscle nerds foundational nutrition course is THE BOMB! It really opened my eyes to a better understanding of nutrition. (I’m halfway through the course, and learned so much new stuff that is just crazy).

If anyone wants to expand their knowledge about nutrition I would highly recommend this online course! I have 2 nutrition courses that I made in the past, but this is just so much more detailed that I just couldn’t believe what I got for the money I paid. DAMN!  I can’t wait for future courses from Luke and Zoe!”

– Zan Sapac



Are you a coach looking to write highly specific and individualised programs for your clients? If so, getting as much relevant information upfront is always going to be step one. This is why we have created an intake questionnaire for you to use to with all of your new clients. The information you obtain from this questionnaire will be invaluable to the way you approach coaching them.


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