diet goals tracking Nov 13, 2020

1. Keep things simple until they need to be complex. In my experience, the most successful eaters start initially with limited variety, and they build variety over time, once they grow momentum and get a good understanding of how food fuels them and makes them feel. Eating the same (or similar) food eliminates (or at least, reduces) decision fatigue, and takes a lot of work out of knowing what you should eat, and when. 

2. If you’re able to (unless you have a history of eating disorder), consider weighing and tracking your food for a small period of time. This is a learning phase so that you develop an understanding of how much energy is in the food you eat. Large food volume and high calories aren’t mutually exclusive, just like small food volume doesn’t mean low calories. Tracking doesn’t have to be about “dieting,” it can just be a tool to develop eating consciousness and competency. Once you’ve done this for a small period of time, you’ll develop the ability to eyeball your food and more intuitively know what you need. 

3. Learn how to cook very easy meals and eat more at home than you eat out. This way you have complete control and knowledge of what’s in your food. And remember – easy doesn’t have to mean boring or bland.

My favourite cooking tools are the air fryer, and the Instant Pot. Zoe and I use both of them every day. We also love our Anova Sous-vide device and you can cook a LOT of food with it. The old-fashioned slow cooker is also excellent. 

4. Base your meals on protein and vegetables, and a bit of fruit. Add starches and grains based on your activity level. 

5. Don’t avoid treats. Try to nail your diet 80-90% “clean” (for lack of a batter word), but keep those treats in for sanity. 

6. Use what I call the “Chipotle,” or, I guess in Aus the “Guzman & Gomez” (might be more appropriate) method for eating

  • Step 1: Pick a lean protein
  • Step 2: Pick your veggies
  • Step 3: Add a starch

Can’t go wrong with that!

If you need any help with your eating, remember, we’re here to help!  We have a LOT of tools in our tool-box and use the right method, on the right person, at the right time. 

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