goals Oct 24, 2019

When taking metrics, subjective measurements are important and certainly have their place in understanding peoples’ mindsets. However, subjective measurements should never override objective ones – some kind of quantifiable data remains necessary. What we like to do at Muscle Nerds is use objective measurements that are easy for clients to do at home. One of the easiest, most accessible, tools to give an insight into a client’s health is taking blood pressure.

Research has shown that 68% of all mortality risk occurs with a systolic blood pressure between 120 and 140. New recommendations also show that 120 over 80 is now labeled as pre-hypertension, and that’s where people are sitting in many cases (if not higher). The higher your systolic blood pressure, the higher your risk of cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome. This is why it is so important to manage your blood pressure and train with someone who will prioritise it.

Getting your blood pressure into normal range (the gold standard is 115 over 75 ) will allow you to work harder, last longer during workouts and recover better. It is not difficult to get blood pressure within range and requires a holistic approach and lifestyle component.

In this video Luke explains why it is so important to take objective measurements and consequently manage your blood pressure, mitigate stress and train better. 


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