$299.00 AUD

Online Assessments Course

In this course, there are 41 videos ranging from 2 to 23 minutes with most of them settling around the 5-minute mark. We set out to keep them bite-sized, digestible, and easy to follow.

The videos cover:

  • Hyper-mobility & hypo-mobility
  • Fully body passive range of motion (PROM) testing
  • Fully body active range of motion (AROM) testing
  • Length Tension Testing
  • Muscle Testing
  • Special Testing, including Thomas test, Ilium alignment, and overhead squat

The workbooks cover:

  • Guides you through the ROM assessments
  • Has tips on how to perform the ROM assessments
  • Outlines the target outcomes you are looking for in each assessment
  • Allows you to record the results of each assessment & upload photos
  • Saves a PDF or email report of the results

This online course will help you improve your service as a personal trainer and coach. Because being a coach should be more than just giving someone a 6-pack and having them fit into a size 6 dress.