Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous Ketones – What are they?  How do they work?  Is fat loss a by-product of Ketones, or are Ketones a by-product of fat loss?  

Supplements – For Health, Performance, or Physique?

The supplement market is an incredibly large market.  And a lot of people opt for purchasing supplements that will help them perform in the gym, or help them get results in the gym – think pre, during and post workout, fat burners, protein powder, etc.  But what about the supplements that help improve your health?  …

Good And Bad Supplements

What determines a good supplement?  And what determines a bad one?  It’s very tough to decide which to purchase if your knowledge on supplementation isn’t vast.  We try and touch on this topic, but it runs so deep there was a lot of information we didn’t cover.  So ask us below if you have any …

Can you lose a muffin top?

Of course you can! A lot of females hold their fat in specific areas of their body. Whether it be their bum and thighs, their stomach, their triceps, and/or their muffin top.  Understanding why the fat is being held there could help make things easier when trying to lose it.

Carb Timing Around Workouts

The majority of people are aware that eating carbohydrates is best to do around your workouts when you are more insulin sensitive. In this video, the Luke Leaman explains why that is.  

Program Design & Anti-Aging – A Quick Glimpse

Above is a slide from our upcoming Program Design Course we’re holding in Essex on October 21st, 2016. The slide covers Tuft’s University Study on Biomakers of anti-aging. The list is of aspects we want to manage to help slow down the aging process. As you can see the top two factors are strength and …